We empower mindshift in working environment


What do we offer?

The world is constantly changing and requires a shift in our minds, in our teams and in working space.

We offer the learning framework that ignites the change in the organizations and focuses on three main aspects

I -  Growth mindset & Leadership

We - Collaboration & co-creation

Shift - Organizational change related to business and products

All those elements are interconnected and create knowledge and change sphere with practical tools and mindset shift. Our learning programs are designed to guide your organization through the fast-changing business environment.


Mindshift Programs

The program includes:

  • One or several modules with intensive hands-on training

  • Scientific approach to content and exercises 

  • Internal project-based coaching

  • Program support

Meet the Team

We are focusing on the quality and "bullshit-free" work with our customers. At the core of the team are the fast results with a practical application.

What we bring with us:

  • Over 25 years of business experience together

  • Worked in 15+ industries

  • Managed digital projects in 50+ companies globally

  • Worked in all types of organizations: corporates, SMEs, startups

  •  100+ tools and methods in trainer portfolio


Katharina Brass

Business coach & Trainer

Katharina was running a lot of projects in different industries. She noticed that change is not fast enough and it negatively affects the company and its culture. That's why she made it her personal mission to bring the shift into organizations through new tools based on awareness and neuroscience as well as with the focus on individual development.


Kate Grusemann

Business coach & Trainer

Kate has always been passionate about startups and new technologies. While rolling out digital projects around the globe and implementing agile processes in the organizations she witnessed a lot of struggles within different companies. If companies want to stay successful over time, they should start with a serious change now and that's where she deploys her best knowledge and skills.


Module-based workshops

Topic Workshops around 3 key aspects that include over 100 different methods and tools. Get your customized workshops around personal development, team collaboration and shift tools topics.

Image by You X Ventures
Image by Danielle MacInnes

Topic-based coaching

We are offering coaching for all organizational levels within the topic of change, digital transformation, and New Work. No bulls***, only scientific-based concepts, practical exercises and plug-n-play support.

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