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What will you get?

Self-mastery tools that you acquire through learning and understanding the main concepts about brain, strengths, core beliefs and habits.

Personal breakthrough steps that will support shift in thinking and mindset, focus on successful, effective, happy day-to-day life.

New work skills that are so needed in 21st century work environment and for pursuit of living smart.

.....and a group of like-minded people who are like you looking for support in helping them to design better life. Let's have some fun together!

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What is included in the program?


We cover the foundations of the key concepts and offer the variety of exercises to learn more efficiently :

--> Understand your brain and how it affects you

--> Core beliefs - the foundation of your personality

--> Strengths and Values - your development vector

--> Habits and Attitudes - routine for success 


4-weeks, 1 learning session per week, 2 hours, online

+ 1 program clossing interactive session to fix results

50% learning content, 50 % practical exercises

Maximum 15 participants, sessions start in CET zone

Mastermind groups for knowledge exchange

Individual 30-minute coaching sessions (on request)

Why for You?

--> If you feel like you are missing skills and knowledge to do what you want...

--> If you are tired of "blah-blah" concepts and want some solid facts and scientific grounds...

--> If you want to become a better leader and understand yourself more and need like-minded support...

Then Shift Your Mind is for YOU!

How can you benefit from the program?

  • Understand the science behind your behavior, habits, patterns and how are they formed

  • Learn how to develop strengths, core beliefs and habits that can help you to become a better version of yourself

  • Apply the knowledge, practical tools and reflection results to your personal and professional growth

  • Get support from the like-minded people and targeted coaching

  • Shift your thinking and build more sustainable day-to-day life

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